Ami Korren Ami Korren heads an office for architectural design that deals with all types of buildings including both private and public buildings. He is a graduate of the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology – Faculty of Architecture and Town-Planning. Lecturer and Tutor in the Technion – Faculty of Architecture and Town-Planning. Researcher in the field of Morphology and had made several discoveries within this field which have been published in various international conventions. His primary subject of study, dealt with in both his Master thesis and PhD. thesis, is Periodic 2-manifolds surfaces which divide the space into two identical subspaces.

Ami Korren’s approach to architecture puts an emphasis on meeting the customer’s needs and demands, be he a private person or a public institute. A proper architectural design results from combining the designer’s personal style with the customer’s wishes. The talent of an architect manifests in his ability to design a building in such a way that would allow it to fulfil its functional requirements without neglecting its architectural beauty.

Among his works:

  • Hotel Designs: “Quiet Beach Hotels” in Tiberias; “Arazim Hotel” in Metula; “Lev Hagalil Hotel” in Tiberias.
  • Synagogue Designs: “Mordot Tiberias” synagogue; “Nof Kineret” synagogue; “Ahavat Hesed” synagogue.
  • Tensile Structures – Wide Span Construction & Engineering (In association with the Binot Ltd. company).
  • “Mazot Rishon” company offices; offices and laboratories for “Israeli Oceanographic & Limnological Research Ltd“, Haifa; Building redecorations and extensions made for the “Amidar” company and the “Shikum Schunot” project; Numerous private house designs.
  • His research resulted in publications made by the Israeli Institute for Building Research in the Technion, as well as publications within various article collections published following international conventions